Motorcycle accidents produce some of the most devastating and grave results. This is particularly true for the driver of the motorcycle due to their minimal protection. Because of this, motorcyclists that are involved in accidents are highly vulnerable to life-altering permanent harm. Victims that sustain such catastrophic damage must have the best legal representation fighting on their behalf so that they obtain the compensation necessary to cover all of their losses and sufficiently pay their expenses. 

On December 22, 2020, the Virginia Beach Police were called to the scene of a motorcycle accident on Dam Neck Road. The crash caused law enforcement to close down Dam Neck road while they investigated. Reports say that the crash was very serious. If you have been in a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident, speaking with Virginia Beach Injury Law is a good idea. Ron Kramer is a Virginia Beach catastrophic injury attorney that has dedicated much of his professional career to helping victims of injury accidents obtain the most compensation possible from their Virginia Beach personal injury claims.

Why Driving a Motorcycle is So Dangerous

Why Motorcycle Accidents are a National Public Health IssueBecause motorcycle drivers are at such increased risk for serious physical harm and death when they are involved in a traffic accident, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared that motorcycle crashes are a public health problem. As more and more people are buying and registering their motorcycles, there are an increasing amount of bikers on the roads. With more motorcyclists come more tragic accidents. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the rise in motorcycles around the country has substantially increased over the last decade. 

The number of fatal motorcycle accidents has skyrocketed by 85% since 2000. Crashes that involve motorcycles are extremely deadly. In fact, the risk of death in a motorcycle accident is 30 times higher than in a passenger vehicle. There were 1,960 total motorcycle crashes in the state of Virginia in 2019 and 1,529 ended with injuries, while 83 had fatal consequences.

Not only do motorcycle accidents inflict tremendous bodily harm onto riders, but the economic impact of these events is also quite high. Each year the CDC estimates that motorcycle accidents cost the United States $12 billion. This money is accumulated in many ways including loss of productivity when victims are injured so badly they cannot work, higher insurance costs, and medical expenses. When you work with an experienced Norfolk motorcycle accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law, you increase your ability to secure a fair settlement that accounts for everything you had to suffer after your accident. 

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Motorcycle crashes in Virginia Beach most often have cataclysmic outcomes. Victims managing the destruction they are faced with can feel overwhelmed and anxious about the whole process. Ron Kramer at Virginia Beach Injury Law understands this reality and has extensive experience providing customized support and legal services to victims and their families. 

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