Newport News, VA (August 18, 2021) – Newport News Firefighters, together with the Newport News Police Department, say that a pregnant woman has died after being fatally injured while refueling an ethanol firepot.

The initial incident happened on July 24, and authorities added that the woman’s young daughter and husband were also burned during the refueling.

The family was using their ethanol firepot to roast marshmallows, and the man went to refill the pot. When the new fuel hit the pot, it shot back at the can, lighting the fuel on fire. Built-up pressure shot a fireball across the room, hitting the man’s wife and young child and also severely injuring the man.

His wife, who was pregnant at the time, died two weeks later, though the baby survived. The man and his young daughter are still recovering from their wounds in the hospital.

In December 2020, Congress passed a federal safety law noting that portable fuel containers must have fire arrestors to avoid accidents like the one that occurred in Newport News.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident is ongoing, and further details have not been released.

Our thoughts are with the victims who were injured in this incident. We hope for their full recovery.

Fire & Burn Injuries in Newport News

Newport News, VA - Woman Dies, Two Burned in Newport News Ethanol FireEach year, tens of thousands of Americans are negatively impacted by fires. Whether people are victimized in house fires, at their place of employment, or on another person’s property, these incidents can result in the loss of property and overwhelmingly painful injuries. Although numerous fires are caused by negligence, there are some instances where fires are a result of defective appliances, faulty electrical work, and even heating or air conditioning systems meant to keep homes and apartments comfortable for residents.

People who are injured in fires often require immediate medical attention. In addition to severe burns, victims often sustain internal organ damages as a result of smoke inhalation. The impacts of fires and injuries are far-reaching. Many victims are left permanently scarred and have difficulties moving forward, both mentally and physically, after being harmed.

In some cases, victims are able to pursue legal options to obtain compensation to help alleviate the impact of lost wages, medical treatment, and other financial burdens they face. Working with a burn injury attorney in Newport News, Virginia can help to ensure your legal rights are protected after being harmed. You may be entitled to compensation to help cover the financial burdens you face from medical treatment and other expenses.

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